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Is Your Hair Healthy Enough to Color?

For many of us, the new season usually brings about a new hair color. Instead of calling your hairdresser up for the first appointment available, take a second to check out your hair and see if it’s healthy enough to color!

Coloring your hair often can cause damage (sometimes permanent!) and breakage. Here is a little test to figure out whether YOUR hair is healthy enough to color:

Step One: Pull a section of your hair taut and smooth it between your fingers. Pick a section that is in the middle closer to the end of your hair- these pieces are the most likely to be damaged.

Step Two: With your hair still pulled taut and smoothed out, add a drop of water to your hair. You don’t want to drench the strands, but make sure there’s enough to know it’s there. During this step, you’re seeing how long is take for the water to absorb into your hair completely.

Step Three: Count the amount of seconds is take for the water to absorb. If it takes longer than ten seconds to sink in- congrats! Your hair should be healthy enough for color. If your hair absorbs the water in less than 10 seconds, you may want to hold off on the dye for right now.

If you find that your hair seems too damaged to color right now, take time to focus on getting it healthy and strong. Regularly moisturizing your hair, getting trims and minimizing the use of heat are all ways to ensure the health of your hair!