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COVID-19 Update

NOVO Salon Suites is committed to helping our current and future salon owners navigate the COVID-19 landscape. Our team is available to answer any questions and we are staying up to date on all state and federal guidelines.

We know the biggest and most unique aspect of our Salon Suites is the private nature they possess, so to help our stylists and their customers stay safe, cleaning is happening at set times throughout the day with high-quality disinfectants. With NOVO Salon Suites reopening, our stylists and technicians will be given all the necessary supplies to ensure the health of everyone who comes into the building. When speaking to your current or future clients their are several aspects that you can bring up to ensure their safety.

First, unlike traditional salons, NOVO has private salon suites where one beautician can work privately with their client without interruptions. This means no one can just walk around your space or into your space without your say. This also allows the stylists to do extra cleaning between clients to ensure that sanitation levels are up to standard.

Having your own Salon Suite also eliminates the need for common items like washbowls, styling chairs, drying stations, and your workspace in general. Not to mention all the other materials like products and styling tools. For the clients who are more concerned with social distancing, each NOVO stylist has 24/7 keyed access to their salon suites. In case clients need to be scheduled during off-hours. We understand there is a new norm sweeping our nation and we are willing to be with our stylists and their clients through the entire thing.